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الثلاثاء، 7 يونيو 2016

* travel smart steps for a pleasant trip to Turkey .. *

* travel smart steps for a pleasant trip to Turkey .. *

With Rahal Alkhobar Wail Aldaqfaq

is  no doubt that Turkey is a haven, a spa for beauty and nature and history, a major and a choice of many Arab tourists, but there is a question for many it is how much it will cost to travel to Turkey? 
Is the question posed by everyone when planning to visit Turkey or any country, especially for the first time. 
 I will try here to summarize the most important tips that you should pay attention to them, to spend an integrated tourist trip, including suits with a medium budget. 
and in the form of points.

  * means of transportation and mobility * 
an important point worthy of attention as the prices of fuel in Turkey, when renting a car , a style of your travels, choice of car working "diesel" one of the solutions. the ride taxi expensive in Turkey, so it does not resort to ride only in cases of necessity. the characteristic of the means of transport and communications in Turkey ease and plentiful , both within cities and outside of buses, trains and the metro underground and trams, and must be extracted card transport called in Istanbul (Istanbul Card) with the red and your color to move all means of transportation and even some water courses used as a reminder entry, and at a reasonable price and no matter how long the distance within the city itself. 

* the first step *
 the beginning and obvious to many that the choice of the time you're traveling in it of the year , difference in bookings happen, especially tickets and hotel reservations, and also in the domestic aviation in Turkey, and can treat it 

. * first * 
away from Weekly holidays days, the official holidy in Turkey, for example , months is high tourist season in Turkey is of the month 7 / July 9 / September. There is no doubt that many of the hotels raise their prices during these months, as well as airlines.  

* Second *
  make travel during the month 4 / April 5 / May 10 / October is perfect for travel, as well as a wonderful atmosphere.  It will be your chance largest to find many of the specials, and I would recommend the book hotels electronically, and take advantage of the many sites, and compare prices to get the best price.

 * money *
 exchange is always better that you change money in your country is the best price either for Turkey or other, exchange in your country exchange the airport because the airport 's  expensive and usually use offices of exchange, or shops currencies  to exchang in all of Turkey, without any extra charge ..

* Find suitable tickets *
 Find an airline ticket at a good price needs prior planning, especially if you know your destination and the time you want to fly it well, and pay attention not to change the time, we recommend to book your ticket as early as possible * Find suitable accommodation * if you plan to stay in one place two weeks or more, it's best to book through the electronic booking programs, to reduce the cost of flight Turkey.

 * discounted tickets , Turkey *
on your travels and take you between distant Turkish cities across the airline, it is advisable follow - up promotions offered by domestic airlines Turkish, which are usually low, and the best Turkish domestic airlines are: Air Pegasus, airline Onur, Atlas Air Jet and Sun Express may be the Turkish aviation Turkh airlines offers the best discounts you should follow - up. 

* choose site housing * 
choose the site housing, or the region is important and you should read it and you know precisely is the place of your convenience, was located a tourist area, or near a commercial center, or one of the shrines . such places are usually at higher prices than others. as well as the city or village may affect so much in price, for example , is the hotel prices in the Black Sea regions trabzon city, and south - eastern Turkey mermarin city and Antalya, high for hotels in other places, with the knowledge that the service and welfare by approximately one level, but the difference great demand, especially the Turks and Europeans to demand from others to the presence of coast they want too much, making it a high price. 

*Organize travel bags  * 
My advice to repeat them about the bags try dear tourist reduce your cargo of bags only thus be lightly easy to navigate, and avoid the traditional purchase, additional the weight gives you trouble, has  amounts by airlines , a trip to go or return.

 * food in Turkey *
 food and drink in Turkey is very appropriate and I usually cost me a full meal of 25 pounds I have already organize group tours so that the cost of a person 25 pounds only, so you must get away from the tourist restaurants and a very popular tourist high, the value of the rent is too high, and the restaurant is compensated by providing lists of food high prices, and instead look for local Turkish restaurants and the most in every corner can be found, offering traditional Turkish dishes, including varieties of meat and vegetables and various authorities, and reasonable prices. Turkey is also famous for its Bokladtha People 's available in all the cities, which is characterized by Ascetically price tag, and it tastes delicious, and most famous of these dishes, Iskander kebab, meat dough and meatballs, and "Eldonar" or self - styled Turkish Bachaorma, and kebabs of various kinds.

 * attractions fees * 
the price of entry tourist places palace Topkapi at a price of 20 pounds per person, and the Mosque and the Hagia Sophia Museum Fbsar 20 pounds per capita, and the Palace of Doulmh delight at a price of 20 pounds , too, either Mihnea Turk city or Turkey mini Fbsar 10 pounds, while the Sultan Ahmed Mosque (blue Mosque) is free, and there are means tourist riding a stagecoach in the Buick Island intifada short Valemczuar at a price of 40 pounds, and the long haul at a price of 50 pounds, and the price for four people and more ... There is no doubt that you can wander in Alpefor and the price of 2: 5 pounds per person by taking the card that we have mentioned Vttjol long and Bosphorus ticket and one possible trends change so moving between Sirkeci European to Auskadar Aloseweh..oo of Karaköy at the tip of the Gulf of the Golden Horn to the north of the Bosphorus and a length of 30 km at a price of 2: 5 pounds per person just what the most beautiful from a trip to enjoy the sea at fantastic prices.

  * the tep and tax free *
do not pay "tip" for motorists taxis or buses, a tep usually offers hotel staff once at the end of the residence, as well as in restaurants, and does not usually pay tep for drinks only, which at the request of foods, and tipping is usually 10% of the amount you paid, it also depends on how satisfied service, and should always check the bill , there may be manipulation in terms of do you know ... while the value added retrieval and self - styled  tax , a value added of Turkish goods you can restore them in case you travel must be extracted private papers of the store where you bought and the lowest value for the extraction of paper 100 tax lire .. and possible relive 4% of the value of what you bought at the airport and there at the counter ticketing and baggage working to extract the card boarding and then do not pertain bags containing goods tax , but there is a counter and another written by the Tax a Free. * provide government buses * there are those who overlook the availability of buses government and linking several Turkish cities, offering high - quality service, and low price, with comfortable seats, a television screen, with some foods and drinks, and there are plants such as the Topkapi her station in Istanbul. And stops in good services for the comfort stations, and flawed by the length of the trip for only the best selection of night to sleep flyer up in the morning for those who loves the length of time.

 This about important points for the visitors to Turkey and accepted greetings from your brother

 Rahal Alkhobar Wail Aldaqfaq
 .. trip successful for all